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Smith Mumford & Co.

In 1995 a couple of former journalists partnered to form a marketing and public relations firm in the Hudson Valley, and they hijacked a couple more ex-reporters to join them in back-yard capitalism. By 1998, Smith Mumford was a full-service marketing consultancy working with national and regional clients.

Marketing firms tend to say they do everything for everybody. Not here; Smith Mumford has always specialized.

In our salad days we focused on business-to-business, financial services, health care, economic development, and issue marketing (for public advocates). While we did a handful of broadcast ads and billboards, mostly our clients called on us for strategic thinking expressed as smart words and striking pictures.

A few years ago we made a sharp turn into investment banking, as full-time marketing services providers for a private-placement firm—boutique in size, global in reach. This turned out to be a side trip. But we did learn a lot about pitching funds, projects, and ventures, and we made scores of documents and decks that drew interest, built credibility, and generated meetings with investors. We also learned that investment banking doesn’t make everyone in it rich.

So here we are, older and wiser, specializing in helping B2B clients whose ideas take more than 140 characters to convey. Crafting complex stories clearly, we believe, moves readers to pay attention, believe the teller, and take action.


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