How we do what we do

Smith Mumford project work flow


We Listen

What are you trying to accomplish with your publication? What has and hasn’t worked for you in the past? What content assets and capabilities do you have? We ask a lot of questions, we listen even more.

We Plan

You provide the ingredients, we bake the cake—but first we come up with the recipe. Got a marketing strategy or brand program? We’ll hew to the rules because we believe in them; we used make them before our return to publication benchcraft.


We Research

If we’re preparing your content, we conduct interviews, examine written evidence, and paw through data. We operate kind of like private investigators (something one of our partners used to be).

We Create

We turn your ideas into words, or we edit your own drafts so they deliver your messages accurately and authoritatively. Then we apply graphic design to give your stories visual appeal and impact.

We Review

We show you our draft work, we do some more listening, we adjust words and graphics accordingly. Ever had a suit tailored on Saville Row? This phase will feel familiar.


We Complete

After final nips and tucks, we serve up your publication in the formats you need. Often that’s a digital file, but sometimes it still takes ink on paper to get the job done.

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